Welcome to the Symphony

by Words'worth

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A somewhat nerdy appreciation of God's creation and admiration of his global choir.


five and a half hertz from us being aware
the earth cries out in praise
so very like you it’s always there
we wouldn’t notice if we could
it’s all for You, anyway

we have never known silence
for when noise falls to absence
bodies revolving produce purest tones
and flickering stars add a pulse to the drone
the galaxies sing

chorus 1:
welcome to the symphony
playing its score in unity
find your part, your melody
as one it’s heard, a masterpiece
sounding out (so) loudly

verse 2:
thousands of miles from us hearing their prayers
Your church cries out in praise
heard as one by You, it’s always there
and we believe You make what You hear good
it’s all for you, anyways

each sustaining note the Maestro composed
plays forth in tune, on cue
each rhythm pulsing and breathing the score
dotted and tied for the measure of life

glory to our God on high
praise Him all you stars in the sky
glory to Him by/for whom victory’s come
praise Him you moon and praise Him you sun
glory to God for all eternity
praise Him you mountains and praise him you sea
glory to Him in whose hand we reside
praise the Good King with the music of life

chorus 2:
welcome to the symphony
its song resounding perfectly
find your part, your harmony
for One it’s heard, the Master’s piece
sounding out (so) loudly


released August 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Words'worth Ohio

An outlet for music with lyrics, or vice versa. My previous solo efforts as an artist have been instrumental, but the unheard lyrics were piling up.
For what words are worth, here are these.

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